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Ipswitch Kitchen Cleaning

Our Ipswich kitchen Cleaning team are on standby to make your kitchen area hygienic again. We work 24 hours a day 7 days a week so we can work around your operating hours. Our teams are quick and efficient meaning the disruption to your business is kept to a minimum.

Cater Clean 24 Seven offer a comprehensive start to finish service that provides no obligation survey inspections and estimates, a professional cleaning service and post completion certification.

Our services are designed to restore and maintain the highest standards of hygiene, to comply with fire and insurance regulations while increasing the efficiency of the equipment and ventilation systems.

We offer a specialist commercial kitchen hygiene service ranging from canopies, extraction units and ducting to grease filters, fryers and ovens.

  • We work to the approved working practices and standards of BAA
  • No job is too large or too small.
  • We cover all industries from: pubs, restaurants, airports and nursing homes to staff canteens, schools and shopping centres

Peace of Mind
Our experience and background in the catering industry compliments our extensive knowledge of the latest grease removal techniques. We support this claim by providing before and after pictures and full schematic drawings where required. Our competitive pricing guarantees that we will not be beaten on a genuine like for like quote.

Reduced Maintenance, Heat and Odours 
Components that underperform because of grease and dirt are at a greater risk of breaking down and potentially ending up costly to repair. Those that are frequently maintained are for more efficient in keeping the heat and fumes to a minimal amount.

Insurance Policies
Few catering professionals are aware of their insurance requirements to clean extraction hoods, canopies, filters and grease traps a minimum of once a month AND clean their extraction ducts at least once every six months. Upon completion of our work, we provide a cleaning hygiene certificate that can be stored and displayed at your premises.

Reduced Fire Risk
Regular cleaning of your equipment will ensure that fire risk is reduced to a minimum. Our cleaning certificates will aid any fire inspection process carried out by your local authority.

Environmental Health
In line with the Insurance benefits, our cleaning hygiene certificates can prove to be a useful aid in demonstrating to visiting Environmental Health Officers that all reasonable precautions surrounding kitchen hygiene are being taken.

Ongoing Cleaning/Hygiene
As a participant in our monthly grease filter scheme, you will immediately notice the increase in particle removal that beats any filters cleaned by your normal dishwasher. Following on from a Cater Clean 24 Seven clean, our range of commercial cleaning products will significantly help maintain that professionally cleaned feel to your kitchen.

Increased Cooking Capacity
Carbon build up on equipment, you will inevitably experience some deterioration in cooking performance. Our carbon removal techniques will reverse this process and generate increased cooking times.

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