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Duct Cleaning Milton Keynes

Duct Cleaning Milton Keynes

Dust and debris will collect in clean air ductwork that does not have a regular cleaning maintenance program combined with a humid atmosphere it provides the perfect incubation for the growth and distribution MRSA and other micro-organisms in the care and hospital sectors, our duct cleaning Milton Keynes team are highly trained in duct cleaning and are professional and efficient.

Building and maintenance management have a 'duty of care' to ensure clean air is distributed throughout a building without the possibility of contamination from air bound pollutants making sure ventilation systems are cleaned efficiently and regularly.

Government Legislation

Under The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations, managers have a legal obligation to ensure that enclosed workplaces are properly ventilated with clean air through duct and mechanical systems, maintained and inspected regularly. Site records must be kept providing evidence that the ductwork is cleaned frequently to meet the Regulations.

Clean Air 24Seven

Our Duct Extraction cleaning program has been designed to meet all the legal obligations we undertake a comprehensive survey of your extraction system and provide you with a detailed proposal with post clean photographs, indicate any defects that are visible with clear specifications on process and cleaning procedures to meet the HVCA industry standards HVCA TR19 and CIBSE TM26. When required our cleaning teams can install access hatches to facilitate internal cleaning effectively with minimum disruption to your business

Associated Infections (HCAI)

Evidence shows that soiled ventilation systems can provide the ideal breeding ground for the development and spread of HCAI. Temperature and humidity conditions typically found in clean air systems coupled with the presence of organic matter including human hair and skin particles provide excellent opportunities for bugs like MRSA and C. diff to thrive. Clean air systems support and can when not cleaned regularly distribute harmful bacteria. Cleaning periodically with superior filtration materials is the only effective solution to reducing the spread of air borne harmful bacteria

Commissioning New Duct Systems

After installation and all work is completed CDM regulations require a thorough system to be clean before it commences operating, it is recommended cleaning prior to commissioning will avoid debris and dust flowing through the system  contaminating the air, commissioning and balancing. We can also provide assistance at the early stages of planning

Contract Benefits

Daily Clean 24Seven when under contract will maintain costs for the duration of the contract and for 2 or 3 year terms will fit access hatches free of charge providing our clients with peace of mind.

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